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The Life of Birds - PBS series available on Netflix



DisneyNature has a new movie in the theaters called "Bears"
They also have an Educator's Guide available with lots of fun activities:

Here’s more bear information:

Arkive - Brown Bears 
Click on “videos” underneath the main picture and there are short video clips with no narration or commercials. If you hold your cursor over the video before selecting it, it will tell you the subject of the video (ex. “Female brown bear with young cubs”).

National Geographic Kids
Click on “Video & Sound” for a short video of a bear trying to catch a fish in a waterfall.

National Geographic (may have to sign in for free account)
Brown Bear  
You can click on “Audio” to hear the animal



The Secret Life of Dogs video



"Island of Lemurs: Madagascar" is coming to the Omni, Fort Worth Museum of Science & History ( on May 22nd

Listen to the Ring-tailed Lemur!  

Ring-Tailed Lemur: Short Videos and Facts

Additional Web & Print resources about "A Lemur's Tale":

Leaping Lemurs! How Far Can You Jump?

Lemurs in Madagascar

Island of Lemurs IMAX Activity Guide

Island of Lemurs IMAX Trivia Challenge 

Islands of Lemurs IMAX Educator Guide

Island of Lemurs IMAX Lemur Matching Game

Lisa the Lemur song

Let's Draw a Ring-tailed Lemur

How to Draw a Ring-tailed Lemur on YouTube by How2DrawAnimals (for older kids)